Friday, June 26, 2009

Team India Reluctant to Play against Pakistan: Afridi

Even though the teams did not meet in the main tournament, they featured in a completely sold-out warm-up match. “I was a bit disappointed. It didn’t appear to me by the attitude of the Indian players that they want to play against us,” Afridi told Geo TV after he arrived home on Wednesday.

“On the face, they said they would like to see cricket between the two countries but I think in their hearts they thought otherwise. Their attitude and behaviour while playing against us showed this,” Afridi said. Pakistan and India have froze bilateral cricket ties since the Mumbai terror in November 2008 with the cancellation of India tour of Pakistan earlier this year.

Afridi added that he still believes that cricket could heal relations between the neighbouring countries and bring the people together. “I always say use sports to foster good relations and remove misunderstandings,” said Afridi who was at the peak of his career in the T20 World Cup with both - bat and ball.

He said Pakistan has proved critics wrong by winning the World T20 title when everyone counted India and South Africa as favourites. “I think our performance is a lesson for other teams. We are World champions and I hope teams will now come to Pakistan.”

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